bodpod-bulletBody Composition Analysis

The picture to the left is the very reason we cannot rely on the scale to tell us if we are healthy! For many individuals, they have an unrealistic expectation of their healthy body weight. The reason is simple: we are not all built the same! Find out what your ideal weight should be! Height has very little to do with that determination. The men illustrated in the picture are the same height and weight. The obvious fact is one of them is healthy and one of them is not! Can you tell who's who?

Also, the BOD POD helps to ensure that you are losing the proper kind of weight. The reason for unsuccessful dieting always comes back to doing it the wrong way: by losing the good weight (muscle and water) and preserving the bad weight (fat). At BodyCheck, we track your progress to make sure this NEVER happens!

The Bod Pod is the gold standard of body composition testing. It is truly accurate, valid and reliable. True changes are tracked using the Pod and you can't do it the wrong way. It'll catch you! :)

rmr-bulletResting Metabolic Rate Assessment

ReevueMetabloic testing helps us determine if you have a fast or slow metabolism. Often times, individuals think they have a slow metabolism and use it as an excuse as to why they have started to "pack on the pounds". Finding out what your resting metabolic rate is helps us determine exactly how many calories you should be consuming in order for your body to work most effectively. Most dieting Americans have put their bodies into the common "starvation/adaptation" mode and begin to store everything they eat as fat. Find out if you are doing this to your body and learn how to get it into the "fat-burning" mode!

nutrition-bulletNutritional Analysis/Sample Menu Plans

veggiesOur nutritional guidance includes diet analysis and or constructing a sample meal plan that will help you meet your health goals. We will take an in-depth look into your current eating habits, past dieting schemes and current body composition. For the nutritional analysis, we take a 4-day food log recorded by you and our experts break it down, ingredient by ingredient, and tell you exactly what you are doing right and what you may be depriving your body of. You are given a detailed report of our findings along with some helpful advice that will help you start consuming how much and exactly what your body needs so you can begin to look and feel great! Our most popular nutritional service is our sample meal plan constructed from the foods you enjoy most. One of our experts will take your food preferences and nutritional goals and develop a customized menu for you to follow each week. We know that everyone is different and that we may have to make adjustments when you hit that dreaded plateau. At BodyCheck, we never stop helping someone who is trying to help themselves!

fms-bulletFunctional Movement Screening

fmsFunctional movement screening is a simple assessment of your balance, core stability and other muscle groups that are important for everyday functioning. With sedentary lifestyles, our neuromuscular health becomes completely neglected and we lose that vital "mind-to-muscle" connection that is so hard to get back as time progresses. This also helps us to pinpoint any weak areas that may need to be the focus of your exercise routine for a while.

dbExercise Prescriptions

pushupThis service is available for those that would like to take advantage of our knowledge and genuine care for their health and fitness. We will create a customized workout regimen that consists of both resistance training and cardio to fit your specific needs. We take pride in tailoring the workout based upon your previous health history, current health status, as well as your goals. Together with you, we will work to formulate a plan that is both attainable and sustainable so that we provide the most effective and efficient regimen.


Our health testing will tell you the truth. The results we give you are not our opinion, your opinion or anyone else's. The results we give you are simply... THE TRUTH. The truth is something everyone has to face before they can move forward toward a goal. It is the starting line. The map we help you line out is the journey. Your goal is the finish line!

The ultimate goal for our health testing is to provide you with an exact view of where you're at so that you we can help you devise a plan that will help you get where you want to go and STAY there. We provide thorough evaluations and consultations with each of our tests to ensure that you fully understand the results and if needed, how to change them. At the end of the day, our health testing services are here to help you increase the quality of your life so that you can continue to do the same in the lives of your family and friends.







 Funtional Movement Screen


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  • 1 BOD POD Assessment + 1 Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis + 1 Functional Movement Screen$130
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$40 for Scan and Consultation


$75 for Assessment and Consultation


$40 for Assessment and Report


$225 for Dietary Analysis and Consultation


$100 for a 8-Week Exercise Prescription (w/ 2 BOD POD Scans ($120): $150)

$150 for a 12-Week Exercise Prescription (w/ 2 BOD POD Scans ($120): $200)